Dimensional Metrology Laboratory

The University of North Carolina at Charlotte is the home of the world’s premier university metrology lab. Located on the University’s Charlotte Research Institute Campus, the Metrology Lab is one of the core facilities of the Center for Precision Metrology. The Lab is central to the education and research efforts in the areas of precision engineering and metrology at UNC Charlotte, and with the wide variety of high-end measurement instruments, provides measurement services to the University community and local industry.

The metrology suite consists of an approximately 1500 ft2 main lab facility and a separate 300 ft2 high accuracy coordinate measuring machine lab. There is an additional 1200 ft2 of space for precision instrument design and development. The entire suite has a precisely maintained environment that meets class 10,000 clean room requirements with temperature controlled to ± 0.1 °C at 20 °C (68 °F). These strict environmental controls are necessary to optimize the capabilities of the precision measurement instruments housed in the Lab.

The capabilities of the Lab include a wide variety of coordinate metrology, surface finish, and various traditional dimensional metrology instrumentation. Currently, there are three computer-controlled coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) in the facility with various touch trigger, scanning, and vision-based probing systems. In the area of surface metrology, there are a half-dozen tactile probe and scanning white light based instruments to measure two and three-dimensional surface finish. There are also a number of dimensional metrology instruments for measuring both form and size including:

  • Fizeau flatness interferometers
  • roundness/cylindricity measuring machines
  • 1D length measuring machines
  • ID/OD gage
  • gage block comparator
  • gage block interferometer, etc.

For more information on the Metrology Lab, please contact the Metrology Lab Manager, Greg Caskey, at gwcaskey@charlotte.edu or click on one of the links below: